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Licorice Gift Basket

The greatest selection of licorice ever. Basket includes 4 lbs of more than 20 kinds and flavors of assorted licorices: twists, ropes, bites, laces, wheels, and more. You will find there licorice pipes too! Basket includes also other candy pieces and samples.

Saltwater Taffy Gift Basket

This colorful basket covers all saltwater taffy flavors you can imagine. There are 5 lbs of more than 20 different kinds of these delicious candies (basket includes also other candy pieces and samples).

LeGrand Truffles Gift Basket

This basket includes a variety of LeGrand Truffles, that makes it impossible to resist. Truffles are placed in Signature 18 Pack Mini Box, 12 Pack Mini Box, and few Signature Classic 4-Pack Mini Truffle Boxes. Also 20 other Truffles are placed in a single box making the consumption of this basket a real surprise.

Chews & Gummies Gift Basket

A basket full of chews and gummies (4-5 lbs.) in more than 30 different kinds, shapes and flavors: bears, fruits, Swedish fish, sour gummies and over 10 chews flavors (includes also other candy pieces and samples).

Chocolates Gift Basket

An irresistible treat for a chocolate enthusiast. Basket includes more than 3 lbs of 20-30 different kinds of chocolates: milk and white chocolate nut clusters, chocolate covered cherries, orange peels, almond barks, mini truffles, caramels, peanut butter cups and more (includes also other candy pieces and samples).

Fudge Gift Basket

If someone loves fudge this is the right gift basket. You can find here more then 10 different flavors (4 lbs) of our famous homemade fudge. Turtle fudge, chocolate, vanilla, cookies ?n? cream, Creme de mint, walnut, pecan, chocolte vanilla swirl, peanut butter are just the few of our fudge flavors you can find in this basket (includes also other candy pieces and samples).

Sugar Free Gift Basket

A delicious selection of our assorted sugar free candies and chocolates. Basket includes homemade fudge, chocolate nut clusters, turtles, jelly beans, saltwater taffy, caramels, licorice, gummies, hard candy and more.

Bubble Gum Gift Basket

A full range of bubble gum product for a bubble gum fan. Basket includes bubble tapes, bazookas, big league chew, razzles, tongue splashers, bulk bubble gums and other candy pieces and samples.